Why Dragon Ball is so interesting .


You can enjoy reading Dragon Ball every time if you are 2 years old or 100 years old.

The old-timers are hesitant to admit that Dragon Ball Super is canonical.

I also try thinking of Dragon Ball up to Dragon Ball Z as the canonical history, and GT and Super as parallel worlds.

How beautiful Dragon Ball Z is as a story, isn’t it?

The characters of Dragon Ball are fascinating, but this time I would like to focus on the story and think about Dragon Ball.

First, let’s review the entire story.

Dragon Ball Saga

Dragon Ball has a strong image of an intense battle manga, but in the early days of Dragon Ball, the story was more like an idyllic gag manga.

If you started reading the first volume because you wanted to read about a fighting story, I think you will be let-down.

The so-called battles are depicted in Dragon Ball Z from the Saiyan Saga.

And I think many fans like it from Dragon Ball Z.

Nevertheless, this initial phase of Dragon Ball is also an important story that will greatly affect the story later on.

The protagonist, Goku (still a boy), meets Bulma (the heroine of this title), collects dragon balls while becoming stronger, and experiences encounter with various people.

The initial objective is to collect Dragon Balls, but as the story progresses, the objective becomes to win the martial arts tournament called Tenkaichi Budokai.

From the end of the story, the comical story becomes more serious with the appearance of the villain Piccolo, and the battle become aggresive.

Goku, who was once a boy, becomes a fine young man. The story in Dragon Ball focuses on Goku’s growth.

Explain in a word

The story is that Goku, the strongest boy, keeps strongest.

Saiyan Saga

出典:ドラゴンボール フルカラー サイヤ人編

Now, here’s where Dragon Ball Z begins.

It is here that the story takes a turn toward the intense battle manga that everyone loves.

The most important feature from this point on is that the story is not complete on Earth alone.

There are always extraterrestrial enemies coming to Earth, or going to other planets from here, or going to other worlds that are no longer heaven or hell, and the scale of the story becomes much larger.

The overwhelmingly strong people who come out of the woodwork, the level of battle that is different from anything we’ve seen before, is thrilling.

Explain in a word

The story is that many enemies who are stronger than Goku appear.

Frieza Saga


This is the part of the Dragon Ball story that many people like best.

It seems to me that Dragon Ball is full of charm.

The emergence of the strong → Emergence of even stronger people → Stronger allies and protagonists → Stronger enemies who still can’t be defeated → Goku who become stronger in a battle on the edge…

This is a story that is typical of Dragon Ball, where the strong call the strong, and allies and enemies continue to power up in battle.

Explain in a word

A story about Goku pushing the limits against an enemy stronger than himself.

Androids/Cell Saga

『ドラゴンボール』カラー版 人造人間・セル編 6

This story will be difficult to develop.

I’m sure many of you are wondering, “What do you mean?

But it is an impressive story where the strongest man is no longer Goku.

Stronger enemies than in Frieza’s version continue to appear, and his allies become tremendously stronger, but gradually the allies who were once his strength begin to retreat from the battle line.

Strong people keep showing up in this story.

It’s an interesting story, although it’s a sad development for old readers, as the selection of forces gradually begins and even Goku begins to lag behind the front line.

Explain in a word

The story of Goku who was the strongest man in the world, is overtaken by an ally for the first time.

Majin Buu Saga

ドラゴンボール フルカラー 魔人ブウ編 3

Finally, the final chapter of the story.

It is a lively story with more characters and more enemies and allies.

It’s hard to tell who the main character is in this story, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Along with the grown-up Goku and other characters, Goku and Vegeta’s children are fighting in earnest, reminding us of the passage of time.

Goku is the second and third strongest in Earth as a matter of course, but it’s a strange story that makes you feel an indescribable sense of security, “Still, Goku will save us.”

Explain in a word

A story in which the main character changes frequently, and in the end, Goku, who is not the strongest, returns as the main character.

Do you remember the story?

I guess that’s a rough outline of the story.

Whether you’ve read Dragon Ball before or not, I hope this article will inspire you to read Dragon Ball.

In this article, I explained the story, but in the next article, I would like to consider why Dragon Ball is so interesting.